Managing Director
Export Consultant and Expert in Perfumes, Cosmetics & Luxury

Patrick – fluent in four languages (French, English, German, Dutch) – has devoted the majority of his career to distribution of Perfumes, Cosmetics and other luxury goods, first as Marketing Manager and Export Zone Director in foreign branches of L’Oreal Group and Laboratoires Pierre Fabre in Holland, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, then as Export Director (L.T. Piver Perfumes, E. Coudray, Matis, Dixor, Heitland and Petre International). He has a long experience as Export Consultant (Export Plus, ID Partners) and focuses now fully on a successful development of his clients in the export markets.

For Patrick, a successful export program is a true necessity for firms in the Luxury Goods sector.

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supports you for your project on the Export markets
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You want to export, to import, to settle or to develop your activity on the Export markets?

Our company, with more than 35 years experience on the Export markets and a dedicated team of consultants and experts specialized in the luxury goods sector, particularly perfumes and cosmetics, in both the Asian and European markets, but also on other diverse markets, can provide you with a tailor-made market approach solution!

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