a true “keys in hand” Export Department on a timeshare basis

International Partner for Luxury Brands

International Partner for Luxury Brands

v3fa7-14International Partner for Luxury Brands

Luxury industry covers various sectors, ranging from the textile and fashion industry (haute couture), to the food sector (caviar, fois gras, wines and spirits, champagne), jewelry, watchmaking, leather trade and perfumery.

From where EXPORT PLUS looks at it, the Universe of Luxury is connected to our dreams and brings us pleasure. But it is above all an economic reality!

Since the last twenty years, the economic context of the luxury sector has been transformed significantly, especially with the development of e-commerce sites.

The sector includes about 20,000 companies worldwide. One of their characteristic features is their desire for an intensive international expansion. Indeed, new countries such as China, India or Russia have been joining the Universe of Luxury, bringing new customers to the existing ones from the traditional markets.

As far as French luxury brands are concerned, they contribute significantly to the worldwide turnover of the luxury sector. Moreover, France is associated to Luxury as the country of great wines, champagne and cognac. Paris in particular is the capital of perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, home arts, hotel business, gastronomy and, above all, haute couture and accessories.

The main mission of EXPORT PLUS is to offer a custom-tailored export service for a low price to companies from the Universe of Luxury … and guide them in their choice of potential distributors able to represent their interests and to ensure tangible results and a better profitability.

a true “keys in hand” Export Department on a timeshare basis

Developing business abroad is a perilous exercise, especially for small and middle-sized companies. It is time and cost-consuming, necessitates experience and though all your efforts and investments, the results are not immediate.

Then your company is faced with two choices:

  • Either you consider export as an opportunity (punctual, rapid, unstructured and therefore very variable)…
  • or you can take a long-term approach with the ambition of to enter the target markets

The brands represented by EXPORT PLUS have chosen the second option. They decided to develop themselves, step by step and with little investment, by entrusting us a part of the task, knowing that their individuality and originality will be respected.

The advantages are numerous: sharing of competences, costs and time enable to achieve ambitious sales targets that could never be achieved by the companies alone without considerable investments.

Fields of Expertise

  • Cosmetics, perfumes, luxury goods
  • Beverages (wine, champagne, liquors, cognacs, energy drinks)
  • Other consumer goods

Covered Areas :

Business partners worldwide :

  • Western Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Finland, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece)
  • Asia (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Singapour, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines )
  • Eastern Europe in development (Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland)

Multilingual Team

French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech and Russian

Patrick Mougeolle – Managing Director

Export specialist and international trade consultant since 1977

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